This website is here to provide you with many different links to a wide range of theatre equipment brought to you by Pro Production Services Ltd. Click HERE to go direct to their main website.

Pro Production supply a wide range of theatre equipment and associated services ranging from lighting, sound, rigging, scenics, colour filter, spare lamps, makeup, theatre set construction, lighting design and much more!

If you dont have the budget available to buy the equipment you need for your production, our theatre equipment hire department can hire you the bits you need as well as show you how to set it up and operate if you are unsure. Dont be afraid to call us either 01252 400560 or fill in the contact form on our main website



15 Amp Grelco - click here


Lee Filters - click here


50mm Pro Gaffer - click here


ETC Source 4 Lamp - click here


16 Amp 3 Way Splitter - click here